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RE: Hit a bump, R1100RS won't run

Hi Craig,
I am not too sure on the RS but It sounds to me that you have the connector
from the Hall Sensor.  The temperature guage which is in that area also
seems to have a bad connection, by the way.  If it were me I would NOT cut
or damage that "heavy plastic sheath" but I would try and trace the bad
connection to the engine temperature sender.

The connector that has been suggested is a 4 pin and it is right under the
tank, which has to be lifted a fair way to reveal it.  It also is tricky to
"part"  and may need a small screwdriver to unlatch.  This 4 pin connector
does the fuel pump, the low level light and the fuel level guage.  I have
twisted this 4 pin off its mounting and just tie wrapped it to the frame
instead - just cut the cable tie for easier access to the connector when

Clive Liddell
South Africa

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Today I finally had some time to pull the gas tank and poke around in
the wiring.

I'm pretty sure my problem has something to do with the 5-pin right-
side connector people on this list have told me about, because when I
wiggle the upper part of it the right way, I can watch my temp go to
max and back down to zero.  I noticed that my fuel sensor was working
properly, when I moved the tank, so that's at least one question

I can't figure out how to release the connector, though, and check
the contacts.  It's covered by a thick flexible plastic sheath that's
glued to the upper connector.  I could cut it off but I'm assuming
there's a good reason for it being there.  What's the trick for
releasing the connector's latches?

Craig                     '83 R80
http://cls.pyrrho.net     '01 R1100RS