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Re: Hit a bump, R1100RS won't run

Today I finally had some time to pull the gas tank and poke around in the wiring.

I'm pretty sure my problem has something to do with the 5-pin right- side connector people on this list have told me about, because when I wiggle the upper part of it the right way, I can watch my temp go to max and back down to zero. I noticed that my fuel sensor was working properly, when I moved the tank, so that's at least one question answered.

I can't figure out how to release the connector, though, and check the contacts. It's covered by a thick flexible plastic sheath that's glued to the upper connector. I could cut it off but I'm assuming there's a good reason for it being there. What's the trick for releasing the connector's latches?

Craig                     '83 R80
http://cls.pyrrho.net     '01 R1100RS