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RE: oilheads-digest V4 #95

Bob S,

Read Mick's addendum. The disks aren't flipped, just rotated one set of holes.
The base article in the series by Buzz Davis is explicitly clear about
maintaining the orientation of the disks and respective carriers, e.g. do one
at a time, mark stuff clearly, etc.

Bob C

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> Re-orientation of the disk is not recommended, as far as I know.
> The lower part of the disk's pattern is leading in a forward rotation.
> Bob Silas
> >Dan,
> I rode mine for years and tens of thousands of miles after I
> first noticed
> the
> rattling. I finally changed them around 88K miles. I don't
> recommend waiting
> that long.  A couple of the pins came out in pieces, but the
> carriers and
> disks weren't damaged. See the three articles at
> http://ibmwr.org/ktech.shtml
> , especially Mick's suggestion to re-orient the disk.
> Changing rollers is
> easy
> to do with the wheel off the bike and doesn't take very long,
> either. There
> was a noticable improvement in brake feel, but no change in brake
> performance
> that I could detect.
> Cheers,
> >Bob Covey
> Thousand Oaks CA
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> '05 F650GS