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Re: Warning lights...

At 05:59 PM 8/27/2007, RSRiding@xxxxxxx wrote:
>Greetings all,
>I have a '94 R1100RS with ~85,000 miles accumulated. This past weekend I rode
>from eastern Tennessee up to Marietta OH (if you haven't been there, the
>riding is terrific...and that's on the OH side of the river...West 
>Virginia is
>just a stone's throw away too) and had no problems. I stopped for fuel a few
>miles into OH and had about 65 miles on the odo when I parked 
>Saturday night. I,
>fortunately, parked the bike just before getting hammered by a thunderstorm.
>The bike was on the sidestand and seemed fine when I rode a couple of blocks
>later in the evening (after the storm was long gone) while running an errand.
>Sunday morning I headed back to Tennessee and the bike immediately started
>the following symptom. It has a 15 second alternation between the low fuel
>warning light being on and then off. It's not a serious problem 
>because the fuel
>gauge is working fine, but it's rather annoying. It crossed my mind that this
>alternating warning light, which I have never seen before even after 
>running the
>tank pretty low at times, might be an indication of some other kind of fault.
>I've had the light come on lots of times, but haven't seen it alternate.
>During the ride home I stopped and refueled. The gauge went right to the top
>but the blinking continued. I always assumed the low fuel warning 
>light was on
>a separate circuit than the fuel gauge and this seems to pretty well confirm
>Is this just a fuel sensor issue of some kind or could there be some other
>electrical gremlin?
>Thanks for your ideas,
>Geoffrey Greene

  There is a "gauge damping" device in the relay box.  It 'could' 
fail like this but
I have never seen your symptoms.  Item #5 here: http://tinyurl.com/18r
P/N 61352306365   You may just reseat it and see if that fixes it before you
replace or swap it with a known good one.