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Re: ABS Control Unit Fault

At 04:26 AM 9/3/2007, Michael Reese wrote:
Hello All,

My RT's ABS is getting a fault when I turn on the key with no error code. I
reset (ground middle pin on diagnostic connector) and now when I start off
ABS does it's reset thing but sounds clunky and gets a fault indicating the
ABS Control Unit (fault 7).

  That sounds like a mechanical fault in the ABS Unit.  They get noisy when
they fail.  A Piston Fault is usually noted by the dealer when that happens.
The normal "ching, ching" noise gets replaced by a "Clank, Clank" noise
when the DC motor and electro-clutches in the ABS unit fail.

My question is can I ride like this or is there a way to disable ABS to ride
safely until I can work on it?

Yes, if you completely disconnect the ABS and remove the ABS warning relay
in the relay box, you should just have normal brakes.