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RE: Clutch or Gearbox Question:

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Subject: Clutch or Gearbox Question:

"I change my own oil and set my own valves.   I remove wheels and bring them
in for new tires.   I can change air filters and do all the other little
procedures.  Throttle synchs can be done with easy-to-get-equipment.   I
document everything I do in the owners manual and I buy the supplies from
the dealer so he knows I exist.   I save the oil receipts so I have proof
that I did the oil changes."

Hello everyone,

Let me start by saying I've recently purchased my first BMW, an 07 R 1200
RT. I've been riding for about 35 years and the RT replaces a 2001 Concours
that I put 52,000 trouble free miles on.

I've got the BMW repair manual CD and I've been looking at some of the
service procedures, realistically, how much servicing is it possible for an
owner to do on these machines? Way back in my early riding days I worked as
an M/C mechanic for a few years and have done all my own maintenance since,
currently have a platform lift in the garage with a full array of tools,
American, Metric, as well as Whitworth/British Standard to support the three
Nortons I also own.