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RE: Clutch or Gearbox Question:

Hi Ken,
"Let me start by saying I've recently purchased my first BMW, an 07 R 1200

I think you have made a very good purchase - the "worst" feature of the
recent bikes, the whizzy brakes are gone and with that a fair amount of
nuisance maintenance as well as their unnecessary boosting.

If you really think about it there is minimal maintenance to be done every
10000km especially if you are doing it yourself.  The valve clearance is
simplicity itself, the plugs all easily accessible - ok to check throttle
balance occasionally involves some fairing removal but the balance soon
stabilises and if everything is smooth I don't even look at it.  You will
also find the valve clearances do not change much between services but just
need checking.

IF necessary, you can always pop into a dealer and ask them to plug in the
diagnostics and give you a report.

Reading the Internet you would think that BMWs are failing a lot but I
believe it is largely either "recycled" stories or rough treatment of fine
machines.  In my experience just using BMW recommended maintenance and
lubricants results in no problems at all.  

My only non-routine replacements on my two bikes has been a headlight lamp
each and a couple of batteries and also a taillight lamp on the 850.  The
1995/6 models had a tendancy for the master cylinders to weep and I had to
sort that out on the 850.  That is the extent of my "problems".   I do not
subscribe to the "peer group" pressure to lubricate, for example, clutch
splines etc.

Clive Liddell
South Africa
R850R ~85000km
R1100RT ~80000km