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R1100 oil change

I recently bought an R1100 RT w/o owners manual and
did my first oil change last night.  I've previously
owned airheads and a K1100 RS.  I downloaded an
oilhead PDF format maint guide from the 'Net that was
>50 pgs, and the oil change instructions were clear.  

Bike was hot, oil drained for 15 min, filter pulled,
new filter filled with oil and installed properly, and
3.75 qts precisely measured (per instructions) were
put in engine.  Idled for 10 min and sight glass was
FULL.  Drained 640 ml (measured) and sight glass was
just above dot.  Went to bed.

I get on bike this morning to ride to work, and ride
about 3 mi and pull over to check oil, thinking it may
be low.  NOT.  Sight glass totally full again.  I'm
not putting a lot of faith in that PDF guide now.  

What on earth is the proper amount of oil to put in an
R1100 engine when the oil filter is replaced?  Shame
on me for not measuring the oil I put in the filter,
but What I had to drain back out of the bike well
exceeds the filter's volume.  Something's not right here.