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Re: R1100 oil change

Hello Scott,

From: "scott Baxter" <rg500g@xxxxxxxxx>

What on earth is the proper amount of oil to put in an
R1100 engine when the oil filter is replaced?  Shame
on me for not measuring the oil I put in the filter,
but What I had to drain back out of the bike well
exceeds the filter's volume.  Something's not right here.

Oilhead engines are very "analog". The oil site glass is for guidance, rather than for precise measure. As long as your oil level is between the top and bottom of the ring, then you're fine.

I save a lot of frustration by aiming to fill my R1100S to about 3/4 full, as per a site glass reading, and I add oil when I'm about 1/4 full, as per the site glass. Both of these allow for error, oil pooling in nooks and crannies, etc.

FYI, this is one of those points of contention amongst Oilhead riders: How to fill, but not overfill, your Oilhead with oil. I kid you not.

-Steve Makohin
'01 R1100S/ABS
Oakville, Ontario, Canada