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Re: R1100 oil change

scott Baxter wrote:

I recently bought an R1100 RT w/o owners manual and
did my first oil change last night.
Bike was hot, oil drained for 15 min,
<snip> What I had to drain back out of the bike well
exceeds the filter's volume.  Something's not right here.

Betcha a six of good beer you didn't let the bike sit on the sidestand before you drained the oil.

R1100s are notorious about hiding oil in the oil cooler circuit. If you ride it to get it full warm, let it sit on the sidestand for 10-15 minutes while you gather the oil change stuff, then drain it (on the side or centerstand), you can fill it with 4 quarts with your eyes closed and it will be fine.

Checking the oil is really variable, depending on how you parked the bike before you check. If you park it on the sidestand and then put it on the centerstand to check, it may look overfull. If you ride in and pop it straight onto the centerstand, it may look low.

The only thing more variable than the oil level when you check it may be the advice you get.

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