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Home Repair/Maintenance

Hi Tom,

I have a computer illiterate friend (78 year old so we can excuse him not
wanting to learn these newfangled things) and I printed out the  R1200GS
BMW factory DVD for him - a mamoth task I can assure you since there are
duplicates on most of the tasks.  Although I ended up just printing the
"Group" heading and then only "opened" any tasks which had not previously
been opened but still printed the whole section's task "headings".

I must have taken me a ream of paper and I'm afraid he remains a bit
"confused", although everything is filed quite well  ;>)   At least all the
things like torques and settings are clear as well as the special tools
where they have been illustrated.

He has made tools to R&R his clutch and brake reservoir lids, his oil filter
and his oil filler (so he need not disturb) his tool kit - he's a bit like
me, my tool kit has resided in my glove box untouched since my initial check
of them...

** Ha ha Tom,   Now to my point, in your opinion, do you think he could
benefit from the CD you mention.  He is a mechanical engineer has biked and
done his own work all he's life and he has the all the settings as mentioned

Thanks a lot

Clive Liddell
South Africa