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Spline Lube

My thoughts on spline lube!
I have a 2000RS that I bought1.5 years ago with 5K miles. About 22K coming
back from Colorado the Clutch started to slip in 5th going up slight
(Texas) hills. 50 miles from home, so I nursed it home and did a full clutch
adjust. Still slipping. Not knowing what kind of use/abuse it got in the
first 5k. I changed out the clutch. Old slipping clutch was not wet and
had plenty of thickness left (more than 1/2 way between new and minimum
thickness. Pressure plate and all other parts looked good. Only thing I
can figure for the cause was it needed a spline lube. I know that is very
low mileage for a spline lube but maybe the grease/lube gummed up as a
function of time.
One another note My Tranny shifts fine when cold but upon warm up is very
clunky sometimes I wish I had something to keep the tranny cold! I use the
Castrol Synetic MTX SAE 80W

Gator in Dallas