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RE: '94 R1100RS modification.

Hi Bob, 

I am so glad all your preperation and work has paid off!  New tires do give
a feeling of nimbleness but at last you have sorted out the pulling.  I can
imagine the RS must feel like a new bike?

How can we get the "full writeup with pics" ?


Clive Liddell
South Africa

Below is an excerpt from a 5-7 page write-up (depending on font).
Approximately 24 marked up pictures will be available too.

On November 17, in +3 C. = 37 F. temperature, I test rode the bike for 34
km, at highway speed and small turns around street corners.

The test results are beyond expectation. The bike is not what it used to be.
On the highway I could release the grips and it runs straight, still
reacting to the crown of the road. Tilting of my head brought it back to the
straight. At the sides of the road's crown the bike followed the slope, a
bit to the left or a bit to the right. Before it, always pulled to the right
no matter on which side of the road I was riding. While riding now I
constantly have the feeling that there is no need to hold the bar; it runs
straight and it has to be forced out of straight running into turns, unlike
before when the bike had to be forced to stay in straight running. It turns
around corners very easily, it actually tries to turn more than I want. (I
am still accustomed to the heavy turns).
Practically, this heavy bike has become nimble. At starting the lightness of
the steering is immediately noticeable.

The test was done using new tires and without the system-cases. In case of a
rider much heavier than I, especially with a heavy passenger, or in a
situation when riding with highly unevenly loaded side-boxes, the result
might be different than my case.

Bob Silas
Montreal, Canada