Hanford Antique and Classic Show and Swap-meet

May 2003

Bob led a ride to the Hanford antique and classic motorcycle show and swap meet. Chris, Scott, Darryl, and Marc joined him for Friday night in Visalia. The group left for the show in Hanford early Saturday morning. Scott rode Joe’s R68 and Darryl was on his R51/3.

An uneventful ride (at least it was until Marc split off from the group to get home earlier). Scott did run out of gas on the way to the show. The carbs on the R68 were set up way too rich – the plugs were covered in black carbon fuzz. The needles were dropped for the ride home. That seemed to solve the problem.

Pictures follow. As usual, click on the thumbnail to get a larger version. Darryl and Chris will probably post their pictures, later. I suspect they’re still on the road as this is being typed.

I ripped these pictures off from Darryl. See the full set at broken link.