2023.11-30: SMBC
SMBC 2024 schedule published
2023-11-19: SMBC
Riders Gallery Update – East Bay Breakfast
2023-11-12: SMBC
Riders Gallery Update – Mt Umunhum after breakfast at Bill’s.
2023-11-05: SMBC
Riders Gallery Update – Breakfast at Heavenly and the ride after.
2023-10-31: oops pages were mostly down for about 17 hours. The home page could be accessed, but not much more. Note to self: test more than the home page when updating web server related software.
2023-10-16: Camping Gear
I got a new sleeping bag/quilt.
2023-10-10: SMBC
The 1st proposed schedule for the SMBC 2024 season is ready for review.
2023-10-08: SMBC
Riders Gallery Update – Breakfast at the Country Inn.


Marc, 2023

Marc, 2023

Marco S. (Marc) Hyman

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