1966 BMW R69S Restoration


my R69S before restoration

I purchased my BMW R69S from a local rider in December of 1997. The bike was in rideable shape and I rode it around the San Francisco Bay Area most every weekend until October of 1998. The few changes made during that time included the replacement of the rusting after market exhaust system with a stock (chrome) system, replacement of some bulbs, and replacement of a broken speedometer cable. I also hammered out the dents in the oil pan and cleaned up the wiring in the headlight bucket.


With all of that in mind I decided to do something I’d never done before—restore an old bike. That idea was a bit shocking as I was not what one would call mechanically inclined; a mechanical moron would be a better description of my abilities at that time. All my vehicles had any work more involved than changing fluids or bulbs done by the dealer. A lot has changed.

These pages document the work, both good and bad, done to make my R69S look and run great. I had the help of a great “support staff” in the form of the folks who used to hang out at Groeger Special Tooling on Saturday mornings. Joe Groeger did most of the needed heavy machining. Joe passed away a few weeks before turning 100 years young in 2020.

This is revision IV of these pages. Images have been expanded in size. Revision III, done at the end of 2007, put the pages into date sequence yet still allow one to find pictures and comments about specific items of the restoration. I do not forsee any future revisions.


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