BMW Oilheads Mailing List

The Oilheads email list was founded circa 1994 by Andy Beals as the “bmw-r1100” email list. It was a discussion forum for the then new BMW R1100RS motorcycle. In December 2000 the list moved to a new location with a new administrator, Mike Lambert. The updated list handeled discussion of the several BMW models and engine configurations based on the type 259 “oilhead” engine found in the original R1100RS. In late 2003 the list moved once again, this time to where it was maintained by Marc Hyman.

The list was officially closed in 2013 due to lack of interest. The last few years saw only a handful of posts with the last post prior to the shutdown notice consisting of spam from a hijacked AOL account.

Mailing list archives

The mailing list archives contain copies of the messages by year.