2002 BMW R1150 RT

So I was wrong

I really thought I was going to keep my K 1200 LT for years and years. It is, after all, one of the best bikes around, especially for putting lots and lots of super slab miles behind you. But then, I’ve been known to go a hundred miles or so out of my way just to avoid a hundred miles of super slab. Hmmm, just maybe it wasn’t the best fit?

Anyway, as of May 18, 2001 I’ve gone on a 220 pound bike diet. [I went on another bike diet in June of 2005.] Here are some pictures of the [then] newest bike.’);

The brakes are phenomenal. The handling is quick and responsive. The power about the same as the K 1200 LT, and since the RT is much lighter the power/weight ratio is much better. Can’t wait to get 600 miles on it and its first service so I can break the 4,000 break-in RPM limit.

July 22, 2001

The bike just feels right at 4200 RPM plus or minus a bit which is pushing the speed limit in 5th. In traffic I don’t bother with 6th as it seems as soon as I get into 6th it’s time to downshift back to 5th. I need some open road!

The first modification was replacement of the stock windshield with the BMW tall windshield. I find the tall is better for me, especially as I’ve put the seat in its highest position. I’ve also installed my GPS and V1 on one of the RCU Designs, Inc. shelves. The BMW radio also finally arrived. If you’re interested I’ve documented the installation details. Also, thanks to California BMW, I’ve now a copy of the R1150RT Radio manual in PDF format. Note: the file is 1,744,332 bytes long.

Tank Bag Installation

The first picture shows one of the forward elastic straps of the Multivario tank bag installed. The second picture shows the piece that the strap attaches to. This piece comes with the bag. Picture 3 shows the rear of the bag with the seat on. When the seat is removed (picture 4) you can see the stitching where a velcro like material is sewn onto the mounting flag. There are two pieces of the matching velcro like material attached to the plastic using double sided stickey tape.

The BMW tank bag is not paint friendly. Also, I found the base unit too small and the extension too large. I’ve since replaced the BMW bag with a Revpack Jr Tank Pack. Here is a picture of the Revpack Jr. on my R69S. The bag goes from bike to bike in just a few seconds.