Dec 26th and Moto Show

It was a warmish and dry Dec 26th, so what better thing to do in the afternoon than take a little ride. I took 92 to Skyline for the obligatory stop at Alice’s where, not to my surprise, I saw Bob. Both of us were on a GS, today.

Of course we compared farkles, what with Bob having new shocks and pipes on his GS. Perhaps this will be the next farkle Bob can add. Comments?

If that doesn’t work out he can do something like that done in the pictures on the left to get a few more ponies out of the GS. What say you, Bob? Does a super-charged GS sound right! Just think, with a super-charger you can do stuff like the following on your GS. Doesn’t that look like fun!

After leaving Alice’s I took 84 to 1 to Tunitas Creek, back up to Skyline, then back on 92 to home. Maybe I’ll do something similar, tomorrow.