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Re: MAC-PAC: OT: Spyder BRP (3-wheeled motorcycle)

Hello Bruno,

From: "Bruno Valeri" <bvaleri@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

From: "Steve Makohin" <wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

PS: In the words of one friend of mine, it's nice to see Canadians making a product for a virtually non-existent market :-)

True, but it's in keeping with Bombardier philosophy, part of their DNA coding, if you will. :)
To think outside the box.

Armand Bombardier invented snowmobiles and created a huge market where non existed.

Bombardier, the company, introduced Sea-Doo watercraft, creating a huge market where non existed.

They innovated with the ATV market.

The Spyder is an extension of the Powersports product mix. It is not an attempt at creating a motorcycle. It's a leisure product meant to provide entertainment in the same way that personal watercraft and snowmobiles do. In this sense, there is an overlap as many people buy motorcycles for an entertainment value vs strictly practical tramsportation.

BTW, Rotax, owned by BRP, power several BMW models as well as supply the 990cc V-twin for the Aprilia sportbike. This is the engine now in the Spyder.

I'm looking forward to riding one for review.

I agree with all your observations. I just do not believe it will sell in any significant numbers because it is a vehicle that must be licensed to operate in its intended environment: On paved, public streets. And in many places, the operator must have special training and a special license (motorcycle) to qualify. Because of these factors, a large segments of the "off road" recreational crowd will not make the transition to this vehicle. I also don't foresee significant numbers of "new market" consumers being identified, either.

I could be wrong. Time will tell. It's possible the manufacturer is realizing this product purely as a design exercise, or with limited sales in mind, for the purpose of increasing mind-share in other markets (snow vehicles, water vehicles, off road wheeled vehicles).

I certainly hope Cycle Canada can get their hands on one of these and review it (hopefully you doing the review). Please alert the list if that should happen.

-Steve Makohin
'01 R1100S/ABS
Oakville, Ontario, Canada