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Re: MAC-PAC: OT: Spyder BRP (3-wheeled motorcycle)

From: Robert Silas

Regarding snowmobiles, water-skis etc., all those vehicles supplied types of transportation not yet in existence at the time.


You are right. Three wheel vehicles have been around for a long time. There are presently many variations of three-wheeled vehicles based on the motorcycle, including those with 2 front wheels or 2 back wheels.

Demographics are clear. We are all getting older. Not everyone can continue
to or chooses to continue to ride as they get older. For some, a motorcycle becomes too heavy to balance and deal with.

But this new Spyder represents something different in the marketplace.

Last year I attended several Gold Wing rallies in the US and was surprised to see how many trikes were in attendance. These were all Gold Wing conversions with 2 back wheels.

Quick guess, I'd say close to 35-40%. One
club member said there were more trikes in his chapter than motorcycles. So
it's a growing niche. They pay big bucks for those conversions in addition
to paying for the Gold Wing. And that trike includes no additional safety features.

The Spyder costs way less. You get a 990V-twin
Rotax (used in Aprilia) with full vehicle stability system for under $15,000 US.

I'd be eager to try one out. Based on its own merits, of course. Not
compared to a standard motorcycle. Because it's not.