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Re: Changing to SST lines.

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> Ted said:
> My experience with Galfer is that they have good product but lousy
> applications.>>
Tom said:
> Now we agree. For a customer, that problem creates immense 
> dissatisfaction.

Nope. As I stated, we confirm the application. When a customer orders a 
Galfer line from me it is correct. Your comments are misleading. There is no 
"immense dissatisfaction". As I stated, we had the same problem with some of 
Spiegler lines long before you started selling them. Perhaps you are 
benefitting from the corrections we made.

> I have not had this experience with Spiegler, but maybe that is because I 
> routinely check the dimensions and ends on every kit that I order.

As do we with Galfer.

Look, I think I explained this fairly well in my last post. There's nothing 
special about these lines. They all start out as big spools of hose, boxes 
of fittings, and DOT boots that get put on the ends. If you custom order 
your lines from either company, they will get them made to the size you 
specify with the fittings and colors you request.

As far as the kits are concerned, I have had wrong kits delivered by both 

We are a full time very busy BMW service business in BMW's largest market in 
the USA, I have a large sample group. Trust me when I say both lines are 
similar in quality. One is a -3 line and the other is a minus -4 line which 
refers to the inner diameter. I have a guy who builds race cars and he 
claims that the smaller inner diameter of the Galfer line is preferable. In 
fact he wouldn't buy Spiegler lines from me because he claims they are too 
big. He later called back when he was referred to me by Galfer and ordered 
the lines for his bike. That's just one man's opinion and I have not 
researched it but his technical explanation was convincing.

I also like the stainless ends that Galfer uses. The Spiegler ends are 

Either product is great, I sell both. But I think the Galfer line is a 
better value. When you order them from us, they are correct. We install them 

Ted Porter
Scotts Valley, Ca.

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