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brake dragging (Was: brake rotor)

Front brake will not fully release (on my '95  R850R) until I push the brake handle forward.
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Bill Moss <bill.moss@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  The brake rotors (discs) on my '98 R11RT are nearing the end of their
service life (minimum thickness measured was 0.184 inches) and I have
been searching the web for replacements. I found
FERODO @ ~$160.00
EBC @ ~$210
SPIEGLER @ what appears to be a list price of $185.00

The original rotors are totally out of sight in price, even with a 20%

I'm familiar with EBC rotors (I have a set on my 1985 K100RS) but not
with the others.

I know Ferodo for cars but not motorcycles.

Spiegler is completely unknown to me but seems to be carried by at least
two BMW dealers in my area as well as a number of motorcycle performance

Any relevant experience and comment would be appreciated.

William (Bill) Moss
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