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Re: Painting suggestions, help and email address change

<<Wurth (the manufacturer) makes a silver lacquer spray-paint which exactly matches the color and satin finish of the silver (engine, drive train and wheels) of the oil heads (I have 1999 R1100RS). You should be able to get this or order it through a local BMW motorcycle dealer. It's expensive - about $20 for a 400ml (14oz) spray, but well worth it.

That is true unless the paint will not come out of the can, which has been the case with three of the last four cans of Wurth Silver that I have purchased. I bought them at a trackside store at VIR, so it would be real inconvenient to return them. Make sure you buy them where you can return them if they do not work.

The paint rocks when it works, though. I use it to paint rebuilt Oilhead gearboxes. Makes them look new.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA

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