Water Pump?

Friday, Jun 26, 2015 [20,797 miles]

I checked the bike to better answer a question on Adventure Rider and noticed another instance of a weeping water pump. It’s done this before, but I think it’s happening more often. It’s weeping enough that I had to add coolant during my 18K service.

I took the bike to Cal BMW and scheduled the start of a repair. I was told that there was also a pending recall for my bike regarding switch gear. More later.

A year later

The recall was for the switch gear. When new parts were available my switch gear was changed. Again. The left side had been changed under warranty when the cruise control stopped working. Everything was working fine, but I got new switch gear anyway.

I never heard anything about the weeping coolant. I’ve come to accept that I may see some weeping when the bike is run for a while in conditions where the fan is often cycling. Hot days in the dirt or climbing steep and twisty mountain passes can do it.