After the restoration: The good and the bad (first start)

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Saturday, Apr 26 2014 [25,724 miles]

Sometimes things work perfect. I pulled the bike off the stand and rolled it out to the driveway. It’s been four months since last start. The bike didn’t care that it had a re-ground cam, new pistons, valves, re-bored cylinders, etc. First kick. Here, see for yourself.

But with the good comes the bad. The timing light showed that the the bike was slightly advanced at idle. I expected and fixed that. There was some smoke on start up. I expected that, too. But what’s that noise? I expect some noise at first start — at least until the oil get fully circulating. But after adjusting the timing the bike had been running enough for that there should be no bad noises. I was not that lucky. Here’s what I was hearing.

The right side will be coming apart next week to see what’s wrong. I’m busy with other things for the next few days, though.


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