Landscaping: The start

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Feb 24-25, 2000

This was the starting point. The house was painted less than a year before these pictures were taken and was in good shape. The landscaping had been ignored for about 3 months and is in bad shape.

You know your landscaping was in bad shape when things look better after the first day of demolition. These pictures tell the story.

The landscaper is using a section of land between fence and sidewalk along the side of the house as a plant storage area. They cleaned out the undergrowth and have transplanted some things that we want kept there for safekeeping.

We’ll call this the end of week 1, a very short week that had drastic impact on the look of the house. The hedge that surrounded the downhill side of the property and gave us the illusion of privacy is gone. That means we see (and hear) the street and our downhill neighbor’s yard. Glad this is temporary. The hedge will be replaced with a different variety of hedge, one that is full year round.

In the meanwhile, it looks pretty bleak. On the plus side we’ve found where the existing drainage was. The problem is that the pipes are of the 4 inch plastic perferated variety that cave in, fill with junk, and otherwise don’t work. But it’s still better than nothing.


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