Bath remodel: Week 2

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Aug 21-25, 2000

So far the plumbers and electrician have been out to size up their portions of the job. Mitsuko and I joined the architect in Hayward to pick out the stone.

There was a plumbing problem to solve: how to get the soil stack from the new toilet location to where it has to go without cutting into the floor joists. The solution was to run the pipes outside of the house. That side of the house faces the work shed. We’ll add some detail to hide the pipe which will be painted house colors. That outside wall is quite plain; it might look better in the future.

The electrician pointed out the need for a larger panel. Ours is maxed out and we need to add 50 amps at 220 just for the steam generator. We’ll upgrade the 100 amp service to a 200 amp service.

Except for some removal of sub-floor panels, nothing occurred at the site this week. At least nothing worth new pictures.


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