Bath remodel: Week 3

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Aug 28 – Sep 1, 2000

Plumbing, electrical, and framing start this week. The below floor plumbing is complete and signed off by the inspector.

These pictures show the routing of the soil stack outside of the house. The architect has suggested a hanging trellis something like the design over our front gate. The trellis with some climbing vines should do a great job of hiding the pipes, especially once they are painted the house color.

These views show the below floor plumbing, ready for inspection. Testing showed a crack in one of the traps. Supply lines have been run at least close to where they will be needed.

Mitsuko and I have picked the glass we want for the door/window to the the toilet room. The sub floor has been put back, less one hole where the shower drain (the one that failed the pressure test) needs to go.


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