Bath remodel: Week 51

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July 30 - Aug 3, 2001

The cladding has been completed on on one side of the partition and the mirrors have been installed. The mirrors are both 1/4 inch for a nice, deep look. They are epoxied to each other. The joined pair are inserted into the partition like a thick piece of glass.

More work on the cladding. The wiring for the make-up mirror has been run to its box. We need the light fixtures that will go above the mirrors for electrical box placement. The fixtures will be here tomorrow.

Well, the fixture isn’t here. Supposedly it was an “in stock” item, except the specific color we want wasn’t in stock. The mounting template is all that is really needed, though. It needs 4 inch octagon box centered in its 33 inch length. Done. A little trim and the sill for the toilet room window is all that is left of the internal carpentry. The cabinet maker will be here next week to finish his job.


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