Bath remodel: Week 54

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Aug 20-24, 2001

I took a shower in the new bathroom Monday evening. A storage bag and some tape covered the hole where the steam generator control will be mounted, and the handle to switch shower nozzles is missing, but I took a shower. Wow. The carpet really makes the room usable.

The cabinet maker installed knobs and shelves. The contractor installed steam generator controls, towel hooks, and some light fixtures. There is a minor wiring problem that will have to wait for the electrician to fix. I installed the curtain. Work progressed on a real door to the water heater compartment. All-in-all the room is quite usable.

Oops. The outlet/partition light switch looked great until I actually started putting stuff away and found that I couldn’t get to the switch easily with something plugged into the outlet. I reversed the location of outlet and switch on both sides of the cabinet.

Some finishing touches were added to the water heater enclosure, trim, painting, etc. Notice the foam where a gas pipe enters the bottom of the enclosure. Not really necessary as that is just a skirt around the bottom of the enclosure. I think they meant to plug the hole in the wall seen in the last picture.


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